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If Your Roof Could Talk

If Your Roof Could TalkIf your roof could talk, what would be some of the things that it might say to you? Would it be a pleasant or unpleasant conversation?

Our roofs are probably one of the most important structural parts of our houses. It is the great protector, protecting us and all of our belongings from rain, heat, wind, snow and cold.

The type of materials used for a roof depends on the part of the world you live in and could be anything from banana leaves to ceramic tiles to wood or composite shingles to metal.

What does your roof need?

Whatever your roof is made of, it’s going to require maintenance and sometimes replacement.

So, if your roof could talk, would it sing your praises for:

  • Keeping its gutters and downspouts cleanfrom debris.
    • Enabling the runoff from the rain to exit correctly.
    • So the rest of the house, the foundation, landscaping and siding are protected from too much water exposure.
    • To protect from insects building their homes in the debris.
  • Keeping it clean.
    • Keeping it free from moss and mold that will shorten its life and possibly cause leaks.
    • Also keeping other loose debris from accumulating on it.
  • Keeping it maintained.
    • Replacing damaged or missing shingles or tiles.Keep chimney clean to prevent fires on your roof
    • Checking the flashings to make sure they are firmly secured.
    • Replace tiles or shingles that have slipped back to their proper position.
  • Keeping the attic maintained.
  • Keeping the chimney maintained.

It’s give and take…

It would seem that your roof asks a lot from you. But it would also seem that you ask a lot from it too.

Roofs are a big investment. If you want to enjoy the full value of that investment and keep your roof viable and strong for many years, maintenance is the key.

If your roof is in need of maintenance, cleaning or it needs to be replaced, give us a call, we’ll come out for a free estimate.

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**originally published 7/1/11

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