Winterizing Your Roof

Winterizing Your Roof Made Easier…

You’ve still got time! It’s fall, but it’s not frigid outside yet. There is still time to winterize your roof before it gets too cold, and in the Seattle, WA area, too wet.

winterizeroof-mastercraftroofingAs homeowners, it seems like there is always something to do to keep your home in good order, and before winter hits would seem like one of the more important times of year to have things ship shape. So I thought I would compose a brief list of steps for winterizing your roof that can help make your life easier. As a professional roofer, these are the things that I see that are often neglected and can cause you problems down the road (maybe in the middle of a winter storm), if they’re not handled promptly.

We may not have several inches of snow on our roofs throughout the winter, but there are other elements that can compromise our roof’s integrity just as much…

Preparing a Pacific NW roof for winter:

  • Low hanging branches are a threat, they can not only break your shingles or crash right through your roof in a storm, but they can drop a lot of debris which can buildup, get under your shingles, provide a home for insects and cause mold, rot and mildew. Trim those branches away from your home wherever possible.
  • Clean off the dead leaves and other debris.
  • Clean out your rain gutters. If you do have freezing temperatures, clogged gutters will cause the water to back up onto your roof and there it will freeze and damage your roof. Clogged gutters are also nesting places for insects, and they can get very heavy and pull away from the house, causing damage to not only your gutter system, but the roof and the siding as well.
  • Check the air vents that lead into the attic to make sure the screens are all intact, and that little critters haven’t used them as entries into your attic.
  • damagedshingles-mastercraftroofingWhile on the roof, these are things to look for:
    • loose, cracked, broken or missing shingles
    • shingles that have lost the protective granules
    • damaged flashing around vents, chimneys or other roof joints
    • warped wood
  • Check the attic; if you have a leak in your roof, that is one of the best places to detect it. Things to look for are:
    • mold and mildew
    • stale musty odor
    • wet insulation
  • Something that you probably aren’t able to do, but definitely needs to be done is to have your chimney inspected and possibly cleaned. Chimney fires can be devastating, and are caused by built up creosote in unmaintained chimneys.

Several of these suggestions require being up on the roof, if that’s not something you are comfortable doing, hire someone who can inspect your roof for you.

MasterCraft Roofing Services is the Seattle Area’s Best Roofing Company.

During the Project: We employ OSHA standards for safety, we use the highest quality tools and materials because there is more than just shingles. Along with a quality roof, we intend to leave your property in better shape than when we found it. We police our nails and debris with military discipline.

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