Have You Considered a Truslate Roof?

Image of New Roof Needed - MasterCraft RoofingIs it time for a new roof?

Do you think you might like to try something new?

You and all your neighbors have had asphalt shingles for as long as you can remember…maybe it’s time to consider having a slate roof installed, specifically a TruSlate roof.

About Slate

Slate is absolutely one of the most durable and beautiful roofing materials used. It has an unbelievable lifetime…many slate roofs have lasted for what seems like a hundred years. They are not afraid of the fury of Mother Nature, and can will last through most anything.

Typically a slate roof is very heavy and costs more than most homeowners feel like they can invest in a roof.

But wait…

The cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive any longer. GAF now features TruSlate:

  • It’s the real deal, not synthetic, it is slate that has been hand-split from the quarries.
  • Because we use an underblock moisture barrier, TruSlate can be thinner, making it not as heavy on your home.
  • It is more affordable
    • No additional structure requirements
    • Easily installed
    • Wasted slate is eliminated
  • Image of TruSlate color choices - MasterCraft RoofingIt comes in a variety of colors, so you have choices
  • It weathers better than synthetic slate roofing systems
    • It can withstand 130 mph winds
  • It will not curl or warp
  • Easily repaired
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Sounds great doesn’t it? Why would you choose something that looks like slate when you can have the beauty and endurance of the real thing?

If you’re getting ready for a new roof, check out your options, give me a call for a consultation and free estimate.


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