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Roof Leak Causes

If your roof has begun leaking, and you’re not sure where to begin to find the leak, (even professionals sometimes have a difficult time locating the damaged area), here is a list of the most common problems and where you can find them.

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New Roof Failure

You should be able to rest assured that all your expectations of your new roof protecting your home and family for several years will be met. Unfortunately, some roofs, even those considered “new”, fail prematurely. You wouldn’t think that such a thing could, or would, happen, but it does, and here are a few reasons […]

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Rotting Roof

Do you take your roof for granted? It’s always just there, protecting your home, your possessions and your family. If you’re like most people, you seldom give your roof a second thought…until the day that it becomes unreliable and begins to leak or worse yet affects the structural integrity of your home.

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Image of Moisture in the Attic - MasterCraft Roofing

Moisture in Attic

When was the last time you checked your attic? Attics and crawl spaces are two of the least visited areas of a house. They’re not only awkward to get to, dirty, full of cobwebs, hot or cold and sometimes damp and musty smelling.

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