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Another Roofing Alternative – Solar Shingles

SolarShingles-MasgterCraftRoofingWe’ve all seen the solar panels that many are having installed on their roofs, and some are even having them installed on the ground…the purpose is to make use of the energy the sun shares with us, and convert it into electricity to power our homes.

But relatively new technology offers us something less obtrusive, much more attractive, very functional, and yes a bit more expensive (but the costs are coming down!)…Solar Shingles! If you’re not in the roofing industry or into solar energy, you may have never heard of them until just now. Solar shingles, more technically called  photovoltaic shingles, are, in fact, a type of solar panel…

  • They function like solar panels, producing electricity
    • Each shingle can produce between 13 & 63 watts
  • They also function like roofing materials
    • They are as durable as other roofing products, enabling them to protect your home just as effectively as the standard products most of us use now
  • Look more like regular roofing materials

Solar shingles were created and went on the market for commercial buildings in 2005 at a pretty high price, but over the next few years the price has come down (which is fairly typical) and along with the 30% tax credit offered by the federal government, homeowners have found it more reasonable and have begun having them installed on their roofs. Many individual states also offer incentives that make it even more reasonable to go solar.

In case you’re considering going solar…

Consider these features:

  1. Although it will cost more upfront, solar power can save you between 40% to 70% of what you would normally pay for electricity.
  2. Solar power is green, renewable and eco-friendly.
    1. Green reduces our impact on the planet
    2. Renewable, because the sun is always available, even when it’s behind clouds
    3. Eco-friendly because it doesn’t emit harmful gases
  3. It is easy to install, and the federal government will help fund the installation.
  4. Because of it’s low voltage usage, it is safer electricity.
  5. Solar systems typically have a battery backup system that will store power for about 3 days.
  6. Excess energy that is generated can be sold back to the power company.
  7. Having solar power installed can increase the value of your home.

Right now there are only a handful of companies that produce solar shingles, but if you’re interested, talk to a roofing contractor who should be able to give you the information as to whether or not they are available in your area.

Enjoy this brief video presented by one of the companies who manufacture solar shingles, and see how great it looks upon completion:


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