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How to be Safe When Climbing on Your Rooftop

RooftopSafety-MasterCraftRoofingWhen you’re a homeowner, it seems like home maintenance is a never ending job, but it’s an important one at the same time. Keeping things in and around your home well maintained will help alleviate costly repairs and replacements.

One of the “top” (pun intended) things that should be on your list to maintain is your roof. Keeping your home well covered and protected, not only protects your home’s structure, your belongings, but also you and your family.

But the roof can be a dangerous place to go if you’re not careful in your preparations and your time up top.

Rooftop Safety Tips:

Some of these tips may sound very basic and common sense to you, but it never hurts to review them, they could prevent an accident.

  • #1 Safety Tip: Never work on the roof if you’re alone. There should always be someone there spotting for you, who can help or get help if there is an accident.
  • Wear sturdy boots or shoes…be sure they will give you good grip and will not be slippery.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and a hard hat to protect your head.
  • Never go up on the roof when it’s wet. Spring and fall are good times of year to clean your roof, but those are also times when your roof is wet, making it slippery, especially if moss and mildew are present. Watch for dry days for your project.
  • Also avoid going up on the roof when it’s very hot or very cold. This is not only a safety issue for you, but walking on the roof in those conditions can cause damage to it.
  • SafetyonLadder-MasterCraftRoofingLadders are a key component to rooftop safety.
    • Only use safe sturdy and approved ladders that meet OSHA standards.
    • Set your ladder up on solid, level ground, making sure the surface it’s on isn’t slippery.
    • Once it’s set in place, secure your ladder to the roof by tying it off at the top or using a piece of plywood as a brace.
    • Use a ladder that is the appropriate height for your roof.
    • Keep your ladder several feet away from an electrical source.
  • Use a safety harness, especially when your roof has “pitch” to it. Many homeowners are having safety rings installed on their roofs to attach the harness to, but if you don’t have a safety ring, tie yourself to something sturdy.
  • Clean up debris as it is accumulated, never leave it where it can become a tripping hazard.
  • Children should never be allowed on the roof!
  • Know your own physical limitations and respect them.

Maintaining your roof can be a precarious job, one that not everyone wants or should do themselves…if you fit into those categories, the safest and most effective thing you can do is hire a professional to clean, maintain and inspect your roof at least once a year.

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