Protect Your New Roof

What’s the Best Way to Protect Your New Roof?

WarrantyA new roof is a big investment!

Typically they cost thousands of dollars and will hopefully last 20, 30, 40 years or more.

As with any other big investment, you will want to know what kind of warranty comes with it. A good warranty can save a great deal of money in the event that problems arise with your new roof, so it’s probably wise to understand your coverage.

What to consider:

What are the chances of having a problems with my new GAF roof?

Based on our state of the art manufacturing process, the odds of having a problem with a GAF roof are very small. But manufacturing problems do occur, and when they do they can often be very expensive to fix, sometimes as expensive as your roof itself.

What about problems with installation?

GAF’s studies indicate that about two thirds of the problems that people experience with a new roof are due to the contractor’s workmanship. So this, along with the decision on who your contractor will be, is an important factor when deciding on warranty coverage.

What should I look for in a roofing warranty?

There are basically 2 types of coverage you should ask your contractor about.Installing a new roof

  • Coverage against manufacturing defects – Most manufacturers provide a warranty against defects for their roofing products. Coverage will vary depending on the brand. Since this coverage is provided by the manufacturer, it is important to choose a manufacturer who is financially strong and will be around as long as your roof.
  • Coverage against workmanship errors – Many contractors provide their own warranty against  errors in workmanship, sometimes even up to 10 years. If your contractor goes out of business, you are totally responsible for repair costs. GAF’s Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty provides a warranty that will also cover contractors whether they are still in business or not, as long at the contractor is factory certified by GAF. It is the strongest, safest warranty available for your new roof, and can assure you peace of mind.

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**originally published 2/2/11

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