Roof Moss

What Should You Do About Roof Moss?

Moss on Roof - MasterCraft RoofingDriving through various and numerous neighborhoods in the Seattle, WA area (especially in wooded areas), you are bound to see many roofs growing moss.

Why is this so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest? The same reason we have such lush green landscape is the same reason we have so much moss on our roofs…lots of moisture.

Moss is fairly dormant during the summer months, it basically doesn’t grow and can turn brown so it’s not quite so noticeable. But when summer comes to an end, as the days grow shorter and the weather turns rainy, that all changes. I have even noticed a difference just in the last couple of weeks as the days begin to cool, get shorter and the rain begins to fall.

Why is moss a problem for your roof?

Moss begins superficially. It first begins to grow lightly on the top of your shingles, which doesn’t sound so bad. But moss is insidious…once it begins, if left unchecked it will grow into places where it will do terrible damage.

It will not remain as a thin layer on top of your shingles, but will get thicker and move to the edges of the shingle where it works its way underneath and begins to push the shingle up, exposing your roof to wind, wet and debris.

Bad Rain Gutter - MasterCraft RoofingAlso, as moss thickens, it begins to act as a sponge holding water which allows moisture to build up  and threaten those places that your roof is supposed to protect.

Removing Moss

There are several ways that people try to control or remove moss from the roof, from liquid moss killer to dry moss killer to bleach to zinc strips being secured to the peak of your roof.

Once moss has covered areas of your roof, even though you can remove it, it will probably leave your roof stained and damaged because some of the protective granules will be removed during the cleaning, or worse yet, moss can actually eat right through the shingle.

So it’s obvious that moss is a real threat to the integrity of your roof. Ideally, moss prevention is the key, and part of that key is keeping your roof cleaned and in good repair. Whether your roof is new or old, moss can destroy it.

There are many home projects that are great for do-it-your-selfers. The problem is, trying to clean your own roof or rid it of moss can be an accident waiting to happen. Be safe, let a professional do it for you.

If you have a moss problem or think one could be developing…

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