Roof Leaks

What is Causing Your Roof to Leak?

Leaky Roof - MasterCraft RoofingThe last thing any homeowner wants to see is water coming through their ceiling…that means a leaky roof!  What an inconvenience, what an irritation, what a mess it can make, what a repair bill!

We’ve all chuckled at the cartoons of pots and pans scattered throughout a house collecting water when it rains, but when it happens to you, it’s not so funny. The damage that can be done can be very costly and long lasting. Along with the roof, the attic may need to be repaired, the ceiling will need to be repaired, furniture, clothing and carpets can be ruined, and if not dealt with immediately, mold can begin to grow…and that can be a dangerous health issue.

These are all good reasons for inspecting and maintaining your roof. Because water spreads out from the point of the leak, it doesn’t always enter your home straight down from that point. It can wick out in many directions until it finds the point of least resistance, and that’s where it will come into your home. This can make it difficult to locate the actual place where the leak occurs.

Obviously then, your best strategy and protection would be to stop a leak before it starts. When you are up on your roof looking around, know the signs of future problems.

Prevent a leak by knowing where and why they will begin.

  • How old is your roof? Roofing materials that have protected your home for a long time don’t remain strong forever. They begin to deteriorate. Look for cracks, missing shingles, blisters, protruding nails and curling or loose shingles.
  • Do you have skylights? Leaking skylights are often a problem, make sure the seal around them is in good condition and not drying out, cracked or missing.
  • When was the last time you cleaned off your roof? An accumulation of debris from “Mother Nature” traps and holds the water, allowing it to seek and find ways to enter your home.
  • Does your roof have moss growing on it? Not only does moss slow the movement of water towards your rain gutters, but it soaks up and holds the water, giving it time to find a weak spot in the roof where it can make its way into your home.
  • Do you, or have you had satellite dishes on your roof? Dishes are attached to your roof with bolts that create  holes in your shingles that are about 1/4 in. in diameter. If you still have your “dish” make sure those bolts are well sealed and seated, and if the dish has been removed get those holes sealed immediately.
  • BadRainGutterHow well designed is your gutter system? If parts of your roof are being used as downspouts from higher gutters, there is definitely a flaw in your gutter design. All the extra water that flows over your roof causes unnecessary wear, will cause the granules to come off and encourage moss and algae growth.
  • Are your vents properly sealed? Check for a good seal around all vents, and make sure there are no missing nails or screws

Here’s a brief video that will demonstrate some of the things that will cause your roof to leak…

Maintaining your roof is not an easy job, one that not everyone wants or should do themselves…Let us do it for you!

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