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Does Your Roof Have Blister Issues?

Check for Roof Issues - MasterCraft RoofingDetermining what type of damage or other issues your roof may have isn’t always possible from the ground looking up. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to climb “up top” in order to make a good assessment.

That’s how it is with roof blisters, they aren’t usually easy to detect because they are small and often blend in with the rest of the shingle. Sometimes they are cosmetic, but they are also often signs of possible shingle defect or damage, which means a shorter life expectancy of your roof.

What causes blistering?

  • Beginning at the beginning…when your roof was installed, adhesive that was faulty or was applied faulty could be the cause.
    • The adhesive may not have bonded correctly to the shingle
    • Some solvents that are mixed with the adhesive can damage the shingle
    • Too much adhesive can be used
  • Heat is another culprit that can cause roof blisters, in fact it is one of the biggest contributing factors.
    • It’s not just the heat from the weather that can cause problems, but when combined with excess heat from an attic that is not well ventilated, just like heat blisters on the skin, blisters will form on the shingle.
  • Too much moisture can be another cause of blistering, especially heavy moisture such as snow that stays too long can cause problems.
    • Also if the shingles weren’t sealed correctly during installation, moisture will be allowed to get between the layers.

Protect the Life of Your Roof

Even if your roof has some blistering, by taking certain precautions, you may be able protect it from further problems by:

  • Only walking on the roof when it’s absolutely necessary
    • This will help prevent rupturing the blisters and allowing moisture to penetrate
  • Keep your roof as cool as possible by making sure your attic is properly ventilated to keep it from over heating.
    • This includes having your attic properly insulated
  • Roofers Repairing Roof - MasterCraft RoofingMaintain your roof on a regular basis…by keeping your roof clear of debris and removing moss and other growth you can avoid many repair jobs.

Maintenance is the key to lengthening the life of your roof, either inspect it yourself or hire someone to do it for you regularly to detect any problems that might be a simple fix now, but a bigger fix later.

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