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How to Improve Your Roof With Upgrades

UpgradeYourRoof-MasterCraftRoofingSooner or later, every roof needs to be replaced, usually because it has lived it’s life expectancy and is just plain worn out. So it goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway), that means your roof is old and was probably installed about 20 years ago. Twenty years is a long time, a lot can change, and many improvements have been made to materials and techniques for roofing. These changes, if you take advantage of them, can benefit you, the homeowner, in many ways from less maintenance, to greater energy efficiency, to longer lasting to more beautiful roofs.

What Roofing Upgrades are Available?

  1. Shingles have come a long way: Today, the homeowner can choose beautiful reflective shingles, something that hasn’t been around for a long time. They come in a variety of popular colors that include wood and slate tones. It used to be that if you wanted a reflective shingle, you had to choose either white or a light colored shingle, a look that few homeowners wanted on their roof. Today, it’s the granules on the shingles that reflect the sun’s rays and then release the heat that was absorbed by the shingles…helping to keep the house cooler. In fact, cooling costs can be reduced by about 7% to 15%. Shingles also come in a variety of grades, by choosing a higher grade, you will increase the life of your roof, increase its resistance to damage and increase the life of the warranty .
  2. RoofRidgeVents-MasterCraftRoofingImprove your attic’s ventilation: Most people don’t understand how important their roof’s ventilation system is, but it’s critical to keeping your attic cooler and dryer. Venting your roof in the past was all about installing small air vents throughout the body of the roof. Today, you can, and should, have your roofer install ridge vents that span the entire length of your roof, doing away with all the little vents of the past. Not only is it much more efficient, but it’s much more attractive because it ties in with your roof line and is barely visible from the street.
  3. Have an airtight chimney cap installed: These are energy savers…even with your chimney damper closed, without an airtight cap, the warm air from your home can still escape.
  4. Have a new, low-maintenace gutter system installed: If your home’s gutters are as old as your roof, about 20 years, it’s probably time to replace and upgrade them as well. Chances are they are not only unsightly from age, but could also be damaged or out of alignment and leaking. Today’s gutter systems are typically seamless, which eliminates seams that leak and they come in more colors than just white, which gives you the opportunity of color coordinating or defining the look of your home.  (One homeowner chose white gutters to match the trim of their home, but then added extra down spouts on their roof to improve drainage, but chose brown to match their roof for this part of their system.) Having one of the many leaf guard systems installed in your gutters will save you hours of cleaning time and allow your gutters to flow freely and move the water away from your home more efficiently.

If your roof needs replacement or repair, Contact us, we’ll help you make the right improvements and we’ll be happy to come and give you a complimentary estimate.

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