Roof Damage

Are Trees Threatening Your Roof?

Trees can damage your roofIn the great Pacific NW, specifically the Seattle area, hearing about trees falling onto roofs is a common occurrence. There is never a windstorm that you don’t hear about at least 2-3 homeowners who have had their homes damaged or destroyed by falling trees.

Not only your homes, but your cars and even your lives can be threatened when a large tree comes down.

Several years ago, during one of our annual Thanksgiving time storms, a young family with several children were sitting around the fireplace trying to stay warm during the power outage.

Just as they were getting ready to go into the kitchen and prepare lunch, they heard a terrible crash, which shook the whole house.

A big Madronna tree in their back yard had been broken off by the wind and had come crashing into not only the roof, but down through 2 levels of greenhouse windows, sending glass flying through the kitchen and dining room.

Damage to the house and roof was significant, but luckily the family had only been thinking about going into the kitchen to prepare lunch or there would probably have been a lot of injury also.

This is not an uncommon story.


Arborist will take care of you trees to prevent damage to your roofWe love our trees, they’re beautiful, they are majestic and they add such a feeling of life. But unless you’re an arborist, most people really don’t know which trees in their yard are imminent threats to property and life and probably should be either topped or taken out all together.

I suggest that periodically you should have a professional come to your home and examine the trees to see which ones might be putting your home at risk.

Your arborist will check to see which ones are brittle and might snap, which ones might be diseased and which ones have just gotten too tall. He will then make recommendations on how to deal with trees that are threatening.

Watch this video and see just how quickly a tree can fall, and the damage it can do.

Now, before the winter storms hit, is a good time to have the trees in your yard checked. Don’t put if off, it doesn’t even take a storm to topple a tree, sometimes it only takes a gust of wind.

If your roof has been damaged or if it’s the right time to have it replaced, give me a call, we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free quote.


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