Protect Roof From Falling Trees

How to Protect Your Roof From Falling Trees

 – Recognizing a dangerous tree

TreeOnRoof-MasterCraftRoofingTrees are wonderful, architectural additions to our yards, they add shade, life, beauty and curb appeal.

They can also add an element of danger, both personal and to property. You have watched and worried about them in the wind, seen them across roads, on power lines, on smashed cars and in gaping holes is roofs.

Hazardous trees have often been referred to as “widow makers” and have not only caused millions of dollars in damage but have resulted in many tragic deaths.

If you’re a homeowner with large trees on your property, enjoy your trees, but know the signs that a tree is a hazard and in danger of falling.

Warning signs of a tree ready to fall…

  1. Check the ground around your tree:
    1. Is the soil cracked or raised? This could indicate that there are disturbances with the roots, and it could be ready to uproot.
    2. DangerousTreeTrunk-MasterCraftRoofingAre there mushrooms or other fungus growing at the base, which could mean there is decay and rotting.
    3. Look for a lot of dead branches, not only on the ground, but also further up in the tree.
    4. If there appears to be a “sawdust like” substance around the base of the tree, it is more than likely your tree has been attacked by insects.
  2. Check the tree’s trunk:
    1. Is it straight or does it appear to be leaning…if it appears to be leaning (more than a little) toward one side, the weight of the tree as it leans may mean that it could become uprooted and fall.
    2. If your tree has multiple trunks, look for cracks or splits where they converge, this is a prime area for the tree to break.
    3. Look or areas of decay, cavities or holes, or insect activity.
    4. Look for deep cracks or missing bark on the trunk, these will weaken the tree and could cause it to fall.
  3. Look up into the tree:
    1. Look for dead branches that are still hanging on. Although they won’t necessarily cause the entire tree to fall, in a windstorm, chances are good that the dead branch will be blown off, and possibly hit someone or do damage to your roof or another part of your home.
    2. These dead branches are also well known for having pockets of decay where the branch has broken from the tree, but is still connected.

Look at your trees frequently for these danger signs. It’s also a good idea to have an arborist come out and do an inspection…they are trained to know the warning signs, and will give you good advice on the health and stability of your trees and how to keep them from going through the roof!

For all of your questions or concerns about your roof, give us a call…MasterCraft Roofing Services is here to serve you.

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