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Is Pressure Washing Good for Your Roof?

Power WashingNow that the sun is out, many people are out cleaning up their yards, mowing their lawns and cleaning their roofs.

In the Seattle, Washington area, what most people see on their roof in the spring is green. With all the rain and moisture that we get, it would seem that moss is encouraged to grow.

Moss can do tremendous damage to a roof, especially asphalt shingles or wood shakes.

Moss has a tendency to hold moisture which means that it’s also holding the moisture on the roof itself. This accelerates the aging of your roof.

As the moss begins to grow under the shingles it pushes the shingle up making it more susceptible to water getting under the shingle and increasing the possibility of leaking.

It’s important to get rid of the moss before it can do any serious damage.

Is pressure washing your roof the answer?

If not done correctly, severe damage can be done to your roof. Moss is difficult to remove from the roof because it is attached to the shingles, which makes it harder to determine the right amount of  pressure.

Extreme pressure:

  • Will remove the granules that are protecting the shingle, leaving it exposed to the weather
  • Can causes the loss of shingles
  • Can break the bond of the sealing adhesive
  • Can cause roof tabs to be loosened
  • Can break or crack shingles

If done correctly, pressure washing your roof can be effective. But the key word is correctly.

  • If the roof is older, pressure washing should be avoided.
  • Using lower pressure will alleviate granule loss and other shingle damage.
  • Choose an experienced pressure washer to work on your roof.
    • Someone who has good references.
    • Someone who understands roofing systems.
    • Someone who understands the need to use a lower output of pressure.

Moss on RoofThere is another option for cleaning the moss off your roof, and that is to do a 3 step moss control process.

  • Kill it – Using a moss killer, apply to your roof with a broom, mop or garden type sprayer.
  • Remove it – When the moss is dead, flush it off the roof.
  • Prevent it – Once the roof is cleaned, you can install zinc strips at the peak of your roof which, as it rains, will release zinc carbonate over your roof, inhibiting the regrowth of moss.

Ultimately it’s up to you how you choose to clean your roof. Just proceed carefully.

If there is too much damage to your roof and it needs to be replaced, give us a call and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate.


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