Patch or Replace Roof

Can I Patch My Roof or Do I Have to Replace It?

PatchedRoof-MasterCraftRoofingHow do you know when it’s all right to patch your roof, and how do you know if it should be replaced?

Maybe “patch” isn’t the best term to use, unless you want your roof looking like an old pair of worn out jeans. Repairing, rather than patching your roof,  so that it not only performs as it should, but still looks good (also important), is a better approach.

Obviously everyone would prefer the less expensive option, but ultimately the right option is the one you should choose,and it doesn’t always mean replacement.

So how to make that choice, repair or replace?

Things to consider:

  • What is the age of the roof? Roofs that were installed properly should last between 15 & 20 years, unless the damage is from a storm and is quite extensive.
  • What materials is the roof made of?
  • RoofDamage-MasterCraftRoofingWhat kind of damage does your roof have?
    • Is it a minor leak? Is it a large amount of water damage? Both of these situations may only require repair.
  • Is your roof bowing or sagging? These conditions could indicate structural problems, such as trusses, the rafters, warped plywood,  or the foundation of your house shifting. These things should be addressed by a professional.
  • If the damage is only on one side of your home, there is the possibility of replacing just that side of the roof. But one thing you’ll want to consider is how soon will the rest of your roof need to be replaced…if it’s in a year or two, would it be a better idea to just bite the bullet and do it all now?
    • Partial roofing is not an inexpensive as you may think…it’s kind of like buying a combo meal at a fast food restaurant, buy each component (or side of your roof) separately and it is more expensive than buying it altogether. Also keep in mind that different sides of the ridges and other areas may not meet up correctly with a partial replacement, which may require more labor to finish the project right.

Your roof may need to be repaired rather than replaced. The only way you’ll know is by having a thorough inspection. Unless home inspections or roofing is your profession, you may not be able to tell which direction you should proceed. You don’t want to spend time and money on a repair job that puts the stability of your home at risk, and you don’t want to  replace the entire roof if repair will fix the problem.

Seek out the advice of a professional to ensure the integrity of your roof and the safety of your home and family.

If you think your roof is failing, give us a call for a free estimate on repair or replacement.

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