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What Part of Your Roof is That?

Roofers-MasterCraftRoofingWhether you are choosing a roof for your new home, or choosing a new roof for your current home, there’s a lot to understand so you can make all the right decisions and choices.

Because roofs are so important for the protection of your home and because they are a large investment, understanding the anatomy, or what makes up a roof, will help you get the biggest bang for your buck. That’s why I think it’s important for you to understand “roof speak”, those foreign terms that roofers and roofing material suppliers always use.

Roofing Material Definitions:

  1. RoofingTerms-MasterCraftRoofingTrusses are the framework or the skeleton of your roof , they are often called the rafters and can be seen in your attic. Just like your body”s skeleton, the trusses support the roof and determine it’s slope  and shape.
  2. The deck, also called sheathing, is attached to the trusses and is typically comprised of plywood or OSB (oriented strand board).
  3. The drip edge is a metal, plastic or vinyl edging that is attached at the edge of the roof to facilitate water exiting the roof into the gutters to preventmoisture from getting under the roofing materials and damaging the foundation.
  4. Tar paper or underlayment, made of a heavy felt material or synthetic material, is installed on top of the roof deck to add another layer of protection from moisture.
  5. The ice and water barrier is a waterproof membrane installed at the valleys and eaves to to protect them from ice and rain driven by rain.
  6. Flashings are metal pieces placed around objects that are on the roof, but separate from the roof, such as chimneys, vents, skylights, etc., that could allow water to seep in and cause damage.
  7. The ridge vent runs along the top of the roof and is intended to vent warm and humid air from the attic, and prevent the damage it can cause.
  8. Under eave vents are located under the eaves and are intended to pull in cool dry air into the attic for good ventilation.

Definitions of your roof’s terrain:

  1. Roofing Terms-MasterCraftRoofingThe ridge is the area where two roof surfaces meet and form a peak that travels horizontally.
  2. A valley is another situation where two roof surfaces meet together, but they are sloped surfaces that meet at an angle and provide an area for water runoff.
  3. Another intersection of two roof surfaces meeting and forming a sloping ridge from the top of the roof to the eave is called a hip.
  4. The eave is found around the lower border of the roof and hangs over an protects the walls of the house.

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