Oh! Hail!

Has Your Roof Been Damaged in a Hail Storm?

Hail stormWhen a hail storm hits, you can really hear it pounding on your roof. After some storms end, you wonder if you even have a roof left.

After going out to take a look, you’re not sure if you see any damage or not.

Is Damage Immediately Noticeable?

Not always – Hail impact may cause a gradual loss of granules that can, overtime, cause a premature aging of your shingles.

Without visual damage, there is no real way to be sure of the amount of damage done to your shingles. Outward damage may not beĀ apparent for months or even years later.

How Can I Tell if My Roof’s Been Damaged?

Generally damage can be seen as indentations and or fractures in the shingle’s surface. Hailstones vary in size, shape and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions.

If this is not evident, look for dents on metal flashings, siding, chimney caps or even skylight flashing. After some time, clusters of granules may come off (at the point of impact) in a random pattern and expose the asphalt.

What Are Possible Types of Roof Damage?

  • Granule loss at points of impactHail can damage your roof
  • Cracks in the surfacing which may radiate outward from the points of impact
  • Exposed fiberglass mat
  • A fractured fiberglass mat which may result in tearing from the points of impact
  • Storm damage may result in the loosening of the seal-strip, which may weaken the seal integrity, creating the possibility of shingle blow off in the future.

Is There Warranty Coverage?

Unfortunately, severe weather conditions are often not covered under warranties.

If you have recently had severe weather and you’re worried about the integrity of your roof, or maybe it’s just time to have your roof replaced…Give us a call, and we’ll come out for a free estimate.


**originally published 11/15/10


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