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Is Your Home for Sale? Does it Need a New Roof?

Does your house need a new roofIf you are preparing your home to put on the market for sale, one of the major items that you need to address is: Does it need a new roof?

With the housing market having such a high amount of competition, people are resorting to many things to make their house look more attractive to potential home buyers:

  • Painting, inside and out
  • Upgrading their kitchens
  • Upgrading their bathrooms
  • Addressing curb appeal
  • Staging
  • Keep in mind though, when a potential buyer orders a home inspection, the inspector will not be checking for new paint on the walls.

What home inspectors look for:

  • A dry crawl space
  • A dry attic
  • Good insulation
  • Attic InspectionCondition of the plumbing
  • Window seals
  • Electrical capacity
  • Condition of the foundation
  • Condition of the furnace
  • Condition of the roof

These are the things that define the integrity of the house and will help the buyer make the decision as to whether or not the house would be a good investment or if it would need too much repair and money.

The roof

The roof is a critical part of the structure of the house – it keeps the outside out, keeping the inside dry and protected from the weather.

You may need repair or a new roof if:

  • There are missing shingles
  • There are missing granules from your shingles
  • The shingles are blistering, curling or buckling
  • There are water marks or spots in your attic which indicates a leak
  • The flashing around your chimney or other vents is damaged too badly
  • There is a large amount of algae or moss growing on your roofA bad roof could kill a sale

It’s probably a good idea to address the condition of your roof before you put your house on the market – a bad roof has been known to “kill” a sale.

Whether you’re selling your house or not, your roof should be periodically inspected and maintained. Give us a call, our services include:

• Cedar Shake (all sizes and thicknesses of shakes)
• Composition (our work is guaranteed)
• Metal Roof
• Roof Coatings
• Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
• Chimney & Skylight Repair

MasterCraft Roofing Services is the Seattle Area’s Best Roofing Company, measured by the experience of the owners and the scope of recent projects.

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