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Does Your Home Need More Natural Light ?

Natural Light - MasterCraft RoofingAn abundance of natural light in the home is a wonderful thing. Can ever have enough?

There are many benefits to having natural light in your home:

  • It lessens the need to use artificial light, which reduces your power bill.
  • Helps reduce eyestrain.
  • It makes a space feel larger and more open.
  • Extra natural light helps us feel positive and more cheerful.
  • It can help reduce the blahs during the gray winter months.

Life on earth depends on sunlight. Is there any question why we all seek it out?

Often homes, or maybe even just rooms within a home have a deficiency of natural light, which makes them dark and unappealing to be in. Even your pets don’t want to spend time in them.

There are some solutions to this problem:


Many homes have skylights built in from the time of the original construction. But for those that don’t, it’s relatively easy to have a skylight installed.

Skylights add natural light - MasterCraft RoofingThere are a variety of sizes to choose from that will fit into the construction of your attic and roof.

There are also a variety of options to fit your needs and desires. Some come with sun screening and automatic controls, while others may come designed to open for ventilation.

Sun Tubes:

Another great idea, they are sometimes called Light Tubes or Sun Tunnels and are great to use in smaller spaces that may not accommodate a Skylight. A unique way of adding light in your home, the inside of the tube magnifies the incoming light, which gives the illusion that there is a bulb inside.

Like the Skylight, there are different sizes you can choose from. The cost is reasonable and the installation is not difficult.

Except for a few vents and possibly a chimney, your roof is relatively unused real estate. It’s a place most people don’t consider as an area they can use to improve their home. Use yours to add more natural light.

Let there be light!

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**originally published 4/22/11

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