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What You Should Know Before You Install Metal Roofing

MetalRoof-MasterCraftRoofingWhether you’re choosing roofing materials for a new roof or a replacement roof, you’ll want to choose the best material that will:

  • be cost effective
  • look good on your home or business
  • have good longevity
  • survive weather conditions
  • resist other threats such as insects, moss or fire
  • fit in with your surroundings

With all of these considerations, many people are considering metal roofing. So, if you’re thinking about installing a metal roof, there are some pros and cons you should consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Advantages of a metal roof:

Metal roofing materials are very lightweight, which means that if you’re replacing an existing roof, you may not need to tear the old roof off before replacement, instead you may be able to install the new roof over the top. This is good for insulation and cost.

In addition to being lightweight, it is quick and easy to install, because it comes in panels.

Metal roofs are also energy saving, because the metal will reflect the sun during the heat of the day, keeping your home cooler.

A metal roof is non-combustible, making it fire resistant from outside sources, which can be a real bonus if you are located in a heavily wooded area.

RainOnRoof-MasterCraftRoofingMetal is great at shedding rain and snow off your roof quickly because of the hard, slippery surface.

Although they still require some maintenance, they are lower maintenance than most other roofing materials.

Disadvantages of a metal roof:

Metal roofs are typically more expensive in the beginning. This disadvantage, when combined with the fact that they can be energy saving and low maintenance isn’t as much of a disadvantage as you might think.

Metal roofs can be noisy during rainy weather (such as the Pacific Northwest gets a lot of)…but maybe you won’t mind the sound of rain on the roof, many people don’t. If you think it will bother you, ask your roofer about ways that the noise can be minimized, there are 3 or 4 available.

Depending on the type of metal you use on your roof, it can be easily dented…aluminum or copper are softer materials and dent easier, whereas steel is a harder material.

When you do have to clean your roof or maintain it, it can be a bit difficult to walk on, because of the hard, slick surface, especially in wet weather, and depending on the steepness or slope of your roof.

Obviously, metal roofs aren’t intended for every home or every homeowner, hopefully this information will help you make the decision that will fit your needs best.

Whatever you decide, MasterCraft Roofing Services is here to serve you.

During the Project: We employ OSHA standards for safety, we use the highest quality tools and materials because there is more than just shingles. Along with a quality roof, we intend to leave your property in better shape than when we found it. We police our nails and debris with military discipline.

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