Life of a Roof

How Long is the Life of Your Roof?

A New RoofGetting a new roof on your home?

It’s always the time of year to make plans for a new roof.

It’s a big and important project.

Your decisions should be made carefully.

Aside from the cost factor, one of the homeowners’ main concerns is the life expectancy of the roof. Obviously there are several factors that impact the life of your roof such as:

  • The materials used
  • The climate you live in
  • How well your roof is maintained

Your first decision – the type of material you use:

  • Asphalt Shingles: One of the most popular roofing products, they are also one of the most economical.
    • Not only are they relatively simple to install, but they come in a variety of styles and colors.
    • The shingles have ceramic granules embedded in them for protection against the UV rays of the sun which will cause them to age and deteriorate more quickly.
    • They have a warranty period of anywhere from 25 years to lifetime.
  • Wood Shakes:They are chosen because of their natural look and the character they bring to the roof.
    • Because of the variations in color, and size, each roof is unique in its appearance.
    • The wood also helps to insulate the attic.
    • They are maintenance intensive because mold, rot and insects will take over if not properly taken care of.
    • They are more complicated to install and have a shorter life expectancy.
  • Roofing ChoicesClay Tiles – Great for roofing, they are not only very durable, but they are fire resistant.
    • They come in many shapes and colors and should be chosen for frost resistance.
    • Clay tiled roofs can last for up to 75 years, but can require a fair amount of maintenance – they should be checked regularly for cracked, missing or damaged tiles.
  • Slate – Slate is one of the most beautiful materials to use on your roof.
    • Slate roofs are heavy and expensive, but have been known to last for hundreds of years. (much longer than the homeowner)
    • They can withstand anything Mother Nature has to throw at them. Installation of a slate roof takes skill and can be quite lengthy.
    • Slate roofing will add value to your home.

If you are ready for a new roof, give us a call for a free estimate.

**originally published 4/30/11

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