Leaky Roof

Why is My Roof Leaking?

Water leak on roofYour roof is designed to keep the weather and the elements outside where they belong. But oftentimes age or neglect will cause your roof to leak.

If you have a leaky roof, you need to make sure that it’s taken care of immediately.

A leaking roof can be disastrous if not handled correctly, it  can ruin not only structural parts of your home, but it can damage your furnishings as well.

If your roof is leaking inside your home, it probably means the problem has been going on for awhile and has now escalated to the water is finding an escape route through your ceiling.

Obviously it would have been better to have caught the problem before it got to this point, but unless you are inspecting your attic on a very regular basis, discovering a leak early can be very difficult.

Preventing a leaky roof

Just like with our health, early detection of problems can help prevent serious damage.

  • Have your roof cleaned on a regular basis. Don’t let moss, mildew and debris build up on your roof. They lift and damage your shingles and make it possible for water to creep in and find it’s way inside.
  • Regular inspections of your roof and attic will help detect and repair problem areas. A little repair can alleviate a lot of headaches if your roof starts leaking.
  • Inspect your vent pipe collars (these are the collars around your plumbing pipes), making sure they haven’t split or deteriorated.
  • Inspect your flashing. Flashing is the metal lining that goes around your chimney, vents and other items that come out of your roof. If your flashing is found to be rusty, cracked or deteriorated it should be replaced.Clean rain gutter prevent leaky roofs
  • Keep you rain gutters clean. When rain gutters are full of debris, they get clogged which allows water to backflow up the roof, putting your roof at risk for leaks.
  • Check the shingles. Look for shingles that are cracked, curled, worn or torn. These need to be replaced.

What to do

If damage is discovered, or if it’s too late and your roof is already leaking, you need to call a roofing professional to come out and assess the damage. If you’re lucky you may only need minor repairs, but if the damage is more severe, repairs might be more extensive or your roof may need to be replaced.

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If you’d like to prevent leaky roofs, give us a call.


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