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Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

HomeBuyerQuestions-MasterCraftRoofingNo house is perfect, even a brand new house has its problems. If you have ever purchased a home, you know there are questions you wish you would have asked up front, but didn’t. If you’re a new home buyer, you’re not sure what questions you should be asking.

Although most mortgage companies require a home inspection, which will answer many of your questions; there are a number of questions that won’t get answered even from the inspection. Home buying, though exciting, is also very stressful. So why not save yourself some stress and ask those questions, that if asked before an offer is even made, might be deal breakers, and save you unnecessary frustration and time.

So before you go out looking at homes, make a list of things you’d like to remember to ask. Here are a few suggestions you might want to add to your own list…

Questions for a homebuyer to ask:

  • Ask about the neighborhood
    • What will the homeowner miss about their neighborhood
    • What about schools, transportation and accessibility to shopping
    • Ask about neighborhood animals
    • Ask about neighbor problems
  • Ask why the homeowner is selling
    •  It might be they need to move quickly and would be willing to accept a lower offer
  • Ask how long the house has been on the market
    • Again, the buyer might be willing to accept a lower offer if it’s been listed for a while and has become a “stale” listing.
  • FallHomeMaintenance-MasterCraftRoofingHave there been any major repairs or renovations made to the house?
    • This is good information, because bad repairs or renovations can end up costing you.
  • Which appliances come with the house?
    • In general, the rule is, if it’s attached to the house, it stays with the house, but that doesn’t necessarily include appliances. It might be a good idea to get in writing what stays and what goes…a homeowner might be attached to a lighting fixture and will want to take it with them.
  • Ask about the roof
    • The roof is one of the critical key components to the health of the house.
    • You need to know the age of the roof, and how long it is expected  to last.
    • You also need to know how many layers of roofing the house has. By most building codes, two layers, the original and one other is allowable and not too heavy to cause a structural or safety problem.
    • Has the roof ever leaked and has there been repairs made to it.

The answers to many of these question won’t necessarily be deal breakers, but it’s always good going into a situation knowing as much as you can about what you could possibly be dealing with.

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