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Home Skylights – A Good Idea or a Bad Idea?

SkylightonRoof-MasterCraft RoofingWith the coming of Spring and Summer, we’re all thinking of being outside.

But the problem is, we can’t be outside all the time, all too often we’re stuck inside, wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

So how can you let a little more of the outside in? Have you considered a skylight?

There are many who would strongly advise against having a skylight installed for these reasons:

  • Why cut a hole in a perfectly good roof?
    • They can cause leaks
    • They can cause energy loss
    • They can let too much light in (causing furniture and carpeting to fade)

But those reasons can be disputed…

Let’s talk about each of the negative points above:

What about leaks? In the construction industry there used to be a saying “It’s not if your skylight will leak, it’s when your skylight will leak!” Today’s new and improved skylights along with advanced installation practises make that old saying a thing of the past, thanks to their improved weatherability and better flashings.

Do Skylights cause energy loss? The use of energy efficient glass has elevated the popularity of skylights. Also keep in mind that skylights that open and close can release hot air in the summer, cooling your home, and allow warm sun rays in the colder months to help warm your home. You can also choose glass that is dual paned for better insulation. Your glass can be coated with a substance called Low-E. This coating limits the transfer of radiant heat, keeping warm air inside during the colder months and warm air outside during warmer months.

Too much light causes glare and fading… That was then, this is now –  again the energy efficient glass helps eliminate glare. You can choose glass that is Energy Star rated and efficient, and blocks the damaging rays of the sun.

Other reasons you may want to have skylights in your home:

  • EnjoyingSkylight-MasterCraftRoofingThey’re great for turning dark spaces lighter.
  • In a small, confined space they can make it feel more open and pleasant to be in.
  • Many people who suffer from lack of natural sunlight during the winter months, seasonal affective disorder or winter depression, can benefit from the extra light from a skylight.
  • They can add architectural interest to your space.
  • You can claim about 10% tax credit for installing certain skylight components due to The American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012. (That’s a great incentive!)

If the area you would like to have a skylight installed is covered by attic space, you can still invite the sun into your home with tubular solar lighting. These are great little systems that look like a recessed lighting fixture. The tube channels the light from the outside, through your attic and into your home.

Turn the lights off, and let the sun in!

If you need a new roof, or maybe a skylight, Contact us, we’ll be happy to come and give you a complimentary estimate.

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