Hidden Roof Leak Danger

What are the Dangers of Hidden Roof Leaks?

HiddenRoofLeak-MasterCraftRoofingIncUnless you are inspecting your roof and your attic on a regular basis, you could be unaware of  hidden roof leaks that are causing damage which may be minor at first, but over time can be dangerous to the health of your roof, your home and your family.

These hidden leaks could be caused by:

  • An exposed nail that is allowing water to penetrate into your attic
  • Vents, chimneys and skylights with seals that have failed
  • Satellite dishes that have not been installed properly
  • Flashings that are either damaged or not installed properly
  • Damaged ridge caps
  • Damaged or clogged gutters

When situations like these go undetected, water is allowed to slowly drip through your roof, begin saturating the wooden structure of your house, the insulation and anything else it comes into contact with.

Damages caused by hidden roof leaks:

Although some of these damage results may sound exaggerated or far fetched, they are real and affect countless homeowners every year.

Black Mold is one of the dangers, and it truly is dangerous, of a leaking roof. It doesn’t take long for mold growth to begin once all the right conditions are in place…warmth, humidity and organic materials. In fact, once a leak has begun, if it’s not taken care of right away and the water dried up, mold will begin growing in about 24 – 48 hours. It will grow and feed off paper, wood, and drywall. If the mold goes undetected it can cause the rafters in your home to rot leaving your home unstable, as well as travel  through other parts of your home.

Black mold is also a health danger and can make your family sick. It grows by producing tiny, microscopic spores that float through the air in search of a place to land and grow. Many people who breathe in these spores develop illnesses:

  • Mold Dangers-MasterCraftRoofingIncFatigue
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • Sore throats
  • Muscle aches and fatigue
  • Rashes
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems – if you already suffer from asthma or other weaknesses it will affect you even more. The elderly and the very young are also at a higher risk.
  • Other serious health problems

Wood rot and deterioration is a natural consequence of a leaking roof. Everything from your rafters to your joists to your wall framing are susceptible. If the roof continues to leak and your attic doesn’t get dried out, the damage can travel down to your ceilings and walls. If it gets bad enough, your ceiling could collapse.

Damage to your insulation from being continuously wet can downgrade its efficiency which will result in your home either losing heat from the furnace or cool air from the air conditioner. This means higher energy bills.

Electrical problems can also result. If you have any wiring in your attic, there is the possibility of shorted out wiring to cause a fire.

If you store items in your attic, they can be water damaged.

Don’t let your roof get to the point that these dangers begin. Inspect it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

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