Garden Roof

Have You Considered a Garden Roof?

Green roofNo, we’re not talking about the moss that’s growing between your shingles or the vegetation that’s growing in your rain gutters. We’re talking about a true garden roof.

We’re also not talking about a roof garden, which is grown for recreational purposes and is used as an additional out door living space, and may include such things as planters and outdoor furniture.

A garden roof is a type of “green” roof system consisting of trees, plants and other vegetation that are installed on commercial rooftops or on low-slope residential rooftops.

Garden roofs are not only green, but they’re “green”.

Some of their benefits are:

  • When installed and maintained correctly, they have been known to extend the life of the roofing system, because they protect them from the sun’s UV rays, from extreme heat and cold and from wind damage.
  • Garden roofs retain rain water runoff by absorbing it, which reduces the runoff into the city’s storm drainage.
  • They act as a natural sound barrier by absorbing the sound rather that reflecting it.
  • They conserve energy as they act as insulation, absorbing the heat from the sun during the day and then releasing it as the air cools.
  • A well-maintained garden roof is beautiful and pleasing to look at.
  • They absorb pollutants, thereby improving air quality.

Garden roofing is becoming quite popular with multi-family units, hotels and even restaurants who have been using the space to grow much of the produce they need for their menus.

The News Tribune tells of one homeowner in Tacoma, WA who remodeled and installed a low-water, low soil rooftop garden. It’s not only beautiful but attracts hummingbirds.

 Garden Roofs are Eco FriendlyFor those of you who might prefer a more traditional, yet “green” roof, we use GAF products which feature eco friendly products and practices such as:

  • Cool shingles
  • Products that use recycled materials
  • Zero-waste to landfill goals
  • We actively support recycling
  • Our roof installations generate very little waste
  • We have many roofing options that are “solar ready”

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