Deck Maintenance

Is Your Deck Ready for Summer?

Deck MaintenanceWith summer fast approaching, people’s thoughts turn to being outside, BBQ s and spending time on their outdoor living space – their deck.

But the deck has been through a lot over the past few winter months, rain, wind, hail, snow and neglect.

So now, with the weather turning warmer, is a great time to perform a little maintenance and get your deck ready to enjoy.

Prepare your deck for summer:

  • Clear the deck – By removing everything, furniture, plants and toys, you will be able to see all areas and not miss any potential problems.
  • Safety Inspection – Because your deck is probably made of wood, it should be inspected at least once a year, so now is a good time. Things to look for are:
    • Loose boards
    • Protruding nails
    • Decay – If any boards seem soft, the easiest way to test for decay is by sticking it with a screwdriver. If it easily penetrates the wood, it has begun to rot. Any boards like this need to be replaced immediately.
    • Check the railings – Be sure they are still firmly attached to the deck and that none of the slats are loose.
    • Don’t forget to check the stairs for safety.
  • Watch for these signs – Although they are not safety issues now, ignoring them can lead to future problems down the road.
    • Green or black spots are usually signs of mold or mildew. Clean and treat these areas before they have a chance to grow.
    • If your deck boards are looking a bit gray, they have been sun damaged. Apply a new protective coat of sealant to prevent splitting and cracking.
    • If water doesn’t bead up on your decking, and it soaks right into the wood, it needs another application of water repellent.
    • Watch for insect damage. Many decking materials are insect resistant, but not insect proof. Insects can do a lot of damage if you let them.
  • Sweeping – Keeping your deck swept or blown off through out the entire year will help keep leaves and other debris from decaying on it, staining it and aiding in the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Roof – Keeping your roof clean, prevents debris from falling on the deck and creating more work for you.

Develop a routine of deck maintenance, doing a little bit at a time,then you won’t have to do a lot all at once.

Enjoy lemonade on your maintained deckSo now your deck is ready, pull out the lounge chairs and the lemonade, go outside, relax and enjoy!

While you’re relaxing on your deck, if you happen to look up and notice that your roof needs repair or replacing – keep relaxing and give us a call – we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free estimate.      206-446-4972

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