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What is a Cool Roof and How Can One Benefit You?

CoolRoofs-MasterCraftRoofingIf you’re like most homeowners or building owners, you’re always looking for ways to save on energy and cut utility costs. Not only will you benefit, but the environment can benefit also as demand on our energy resources is reduced.

If you are either building, renovating a building/home or getting a new roof, now is the perfect time to make a choice in your roofing materials that can lower your energy consumption…maybe you should consider having a cool roof installed.

What is a Cool Roof?

Rather than absorbing the sun’s heat and energy, a cool roof will reflect the light, keeping your home cooler during the warmer seasons of the year. They can be made of reflective tiles or shingles, or metal and are especially effective in areas that experience high temperatures. Cool roofs are not new, they have been around and used for about 20 years, saving people cooling costs and keeping them more comfortable at the same time.

Something to think about when considering a cool roof is that they will deflect some heat during the winter, but they provide a greater cost savings for cooling your home or building.

Cost and comfort aren’t the only benefits of a cool roof.

  • CoolRoofBenefits-MasterCraftRoofingAs cool roofs lower energy use, they also decrease the production of greenhouse gas emissions which are associated with air pollution by lowering the peak electrical demand.
    • Electricity production and consumption accounts for 32% all carbon emissions, such as:
      • carbon dioxide
      • sulfur dioxide
      • nitrous oxides
      • mercury
  • Believe it or not, cool roofs can actually reduce smog as air pollution is decreased.
    • By helping to keep the interior of buildings and homes cooler, cool roofs are also a health benefit and they reduce health issues such as stroke and asthma, which increase with the presence of smog.
  • A cool roof also has a longer life expectancy because it absorbs less heat. As dark roofs absorb they heat, they become stressed and break down, which leads to earlier deterioration.
  • Cool roofing usually costs about the same as a traditional roof, so they are affordable. In addition, you may be entitled to tax incentives due to the ecological benefits.

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