Cleaning Rain Gutters

Tips for Cleaning Rain Gutters

CleanGutters-MasterCraftRoofingIt’s been awhile since I’ve talked about keeping your rain gutters clean, and because clean gutters are so important to the overall “health” of your roof, it’s time this subject is revisited.

Are you one of those homeowners that neglect cleaning your gutters? (Most of us would love to ignore them) If you are, there might come a day when you regret putting it off. This is a job that should be done ideally twice a year, spring and fall, but absolutely at a minimum of once a year. Rain gutters that aren’t kept clean, maintained and functioning optimally can cause the following inconvenient and expensive problems:

  • Ice dams that can force water into your attic and up into the roofing materials
  • Clogged and heavy gutters can pull away from the house causing damage to your roof and house structure
  • Wood rot on your siding and wood trim
  • Damaged paint
  • Insect infestations
  • Foundation and basement damage
  • Damage to your landscaping

Tips for cleaning your gutters and saving money

  1. ProtectRoof-MasterCraftRoofingYou can clean your gutters by hand, scooping out the debris left from winter storms into a bucket, and then flushing any residue out with a hose until the water is running freely.
    1. If your downspouts are clogged, try using a plumbers’ snake to break the obstruction free or try clearing them with a power washer if you have one.
  2. Have you ever thought of cleaning your gutters with a leaf blower? Obviously you will need to wait until any debris in your gutters is dried out, but this can be a great way to accomplish the job. Many leaf blowers come with an attachment that allows you to get the nozzle right down into the trough.
    1. Be careful not to clog your downspouts by blowing leaves into them.
  3. Try cleaning your gutters with a wet/dry vacuum. After having removed the majority of the debris, flush your gutters with a garden hose.
  4. Using a power washer can help you blast your gutters clean. Use the fine spray setting to safely clean out your gutter and downspouts. Keep in mind that you will probably need to spray off your walls and roof when your done due to the splatter that will be created.
  5. Keep your gutters basically clean by installing some type of leaf guard or gutter cover…there is a large variety to choose from. Keep in mind, no matter what the “label” says, you will still need to do some cleaning every now and then, because as great as these systems are, none of them will be able to keep all the debris out and must be brushed off or blown off periodically.

Whatever method you choose to use, or whether you choose to hire someone to do the job, protect your home and your wallet by keeping your gutters flowing freely.

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