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How Often Should You Clean Rain Gutters?

Needles and leaves can clog our guttersSpring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder what that green stuff in my gutters is?  It must be time to clean the rain gutters.

In the Seattle WA area, it may be necessary to clean our rain gutters more frequently than in some other parts of the country.

With all the beautiful greenery that we enjoy, comes leaves and pine needles – lots of leaves and pine needles. These are the things that fill our gutters and clog our downspouts.

Purpose of a rain gutter

Though they don’t seem like a major part of your houses, they are actually quite critical in their protection:

  • When leaves, pine needles and other debris accumulate in your gutters, they become water logged with rain. As this happens the gutters become too heavy and can pull away from the house, causing damage.
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts prevent the water that is coming off your roof from exiting correctly. Water that continues to puddle at the foundation of your house not only causes too much softening of the soil, but can also lead to cracking in the foundation.
  • Ants nest in clogged rain guttersA cracked foundation means potential leaks in your crawl space or basement, and expensive repair bills.
  • Rain gutters that are filled and soggy are breeding grounds for various types of insects such as termites and carpenter ants. More expensive repair bills.
  • Water that continues to overflow into wood siding can cause the wood to begin to rot.
  • During the winter months, clogged rain gutters prevent melting snow from draining off your roof correctly and can result in ice dams which will damage and shorten the life of your roof.

A good rule of thumb would be to clean your gutters and down spouts at least twice a year, spring and fall. Don’t get hung up on a schedule, if they get dirty in between times, clean them and prevent future problems and expensive repairs down the road.

Another reason for having clean gutters:

Discovering dirty rain guttersI was in my back yard the other day relaxing on my deck and enjoying the beautiful weather. I looked back towards the roof of my house, and I was so embarrassed!

There growing in my rain gutters was a miniature forest. The whole length of my gutter was filled with a crop of very healthy weeds – some in full bloom.

The really sad thing was that we were having company over that night for a barbeque and we had no time to clean them.

That evening we joked with our guests about our living gutters, but to me it wasn’t funny. Oh how I wished we had clean gutters.”  – anonymous and embarrassed

Whether you are going to clean your gutters, or you’re going to hire someone to clean them for you. Don’t put it off – don’t neglect it. They protect everything from your foundation to your roof.

If your roof needs replacement or repair, give us a call, we’ll be happy to come and give you a free estimate.


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