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Image of What is the life of your roof? - MasterCraft Roofing

Roof Life

Is your roof ready to bite the dust? Manufacturers will tell you what the expected life of your roof should be, whether it’s 10 or 20 years or more. But even that is only an estimate of what it should be

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Image of Moisture in the Attic - MasterCraft Roofing

Moisture in Attic

When was the last time you checked your attic? Attics and crawl spaces are two of the least visited areas of a house. They’re not only awkward to get to, dirty, full of cobwebs, hot or cold and sometimes damp and musty smelling.

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Hail can damage your roof - MasterCraft Roofing

Hail Damage Roof

You often hear people say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Does the same hold true with your roof…”If it’s not leaking, don’t fix it.” No, the ideal for your roof is to keep it from ever starting to leak.

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Moss on Roof

Clean Roof

It may not be Spring, but it’s always a good time to be thinking about your roof. In fact, it’s always a good “time to think about your roof”! It’s a good time to to inspect your roof for any damage that might have been previously done, clean off loose debris, clean out the gutters […]

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