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Maintain Cedar Roof Shingles

The really nice thing about the look of natural wood shingles is how beautifully they blend into their surroundings, especially in Seattle in the Pacific NW where there are so many trees. Also, because no two shingles look alike, a wood shingle roof has a great textured look to it. The shingles, when they are […]

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Leaky Roof

Roof Leaks

The last thing any homeowner wants to see is water coming through their ceiling…that means a leaky roof! What an inconvenience, what an irritation, what a mess it can make, what a repair bill! We’ve all chuckled at the cartoons of pots and pans scattered throughout a house collecting water from the rain, but when […]

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Home Maintenance

Owning your own home is a great opportunity and privilege…but with great privilege comes great responsibility. Maintaining your home is a big job! The list of “to do’s” seems endless and daunting. But on the flip side, maintaining your home properly not only allows you to enjoy it more in good condition, but it can […]

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Cool Roof Shingles are eco friendly

Roof Inspection

Let me begin by saying that probably the biggest investment most of us will ever make is buying a home. So it stands to reason that a high priority would be to protect that investment, our home, the best we can, and the best way to protect it is to have a good roof that […]

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