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New Roof Options…

Does Your Roof Need to be Replaced? There are several things you will consider when it’s time to replace your old roof: Probably top on the list is, “how much will it cost?” Will you do your own installation or will you have it professionally done? What type of materials will you use? How will […]

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Green Roof Benefits

What are the Benefits of a Green Roof? Every where you go, people are talking about being “green” or eco-friendly. As you consider all of the benefits of living “green”, it makes the little bit of effort that it takes well worth it. We have a huge impact on the planet and its resources. It’s […]

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Garden Roof

Have You Considered a Garden Roof? No, we’re not talking about the moss that’s growing between your shingles or the vegetation that’s growing in your rain gutters. We’re talking about a true garden roof. We’re also not talking about a roof garden, which is grown for recreational purposes and is used as an additional out […]

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