Is Your Roof Warning You?

Keeping a roof over our head is the American dream

Having a home, a roof over our head, is the American dream.

While keeping a roof over your head is a challenge we all struggle with. Once we get a “roof” (home), the challenge is only half over.

The key purpose of your roof of course is to protect you, your loved ones and your belongings from the elements.

Maintaining the roof of your home is key to accomplishing that goal.  Learn the warning signs that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Warning Signs:

Decayed Wall is a sign of roof damageExterior decay of the exterior sheathing or siding: Possible cause could be poor attic ventilation.

Missing or cracked shingles are a sign of roof damageMissing, cracked or curled shingles: Possible cause is probably that the shingles have reached the end of their useful lifetime.

Dirty Roof can lead to roof damageDark, dirty looking areas on your roof:
Possible cause is probably one of the following…

High energy bills can be caused by insufficient attic insulationExcessive energy costs: Possible cause is insufficient attic ventilation which causes the heating or cooling systems of the home to run excessively.

In warm weather, inadequate ventilation will trap hot air in the attic,causing air conditioning systems to work harder, or leaving your home’s interior hotter and less comfortable.

In both hot and cold weather, insufficient attic ventilation may cause moisture in the attic to become trapped and condense on the rafters. This condensed moisture can drip down onto the insulation and reduce its effectiveness. Excessive energy costs can result.

Be aware of these and other warning signs and protect that “roof” you worked so hard to put over your head.

If you see signs that concern you, give us a call and we will be happy to come out for a free estimate.

**originally published 12/24/10

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