Prevent Moss on Roof

How to Prevent Moss Growth on Your Roof

NoMossonRoof-MasterCraftRoofingIf you’re a homeowner living in the Pacific NW, moss growth on your roof is an ongoing battle. With all the damp weather and large amounts of debris that quickly builds up from all the foliage around us, preventing moss from growing and destroying your roof is a big concern.

Moss growing on your roof is more than just an eyesore…if left without treatment, it can lead to costly repairs and possibly a premature roof replacement.

Where to begin to prevent future moss growth…

Probably the best place to begin is in your landscaping. If possible, trim back any overhanging tree limbs and branches…although this won’t solve your problem, it will allow more sunlight to reach your roof, and moss doesn’t do well in the sun. Trimming back the trees will also help minimize the debris that may build up on your roof and provide a nice place for moss to begin growing.

Next, keep your roof clean and well-maintained. Cleaning it yourself or having it cleaned is not necessarily a fun project, but it will definitely inhibit moss from growing, and if it has begun growing, cleaning can help remove it and keep it from spreading.

Along with keeping your roof clean, keeping your gutters clean and maintained can play an important role in a moss free roof.

Anti-Moss Treatments:

There are several different techniques and products that people use to keep their roof healthy and moss free.

  • If you are getting a new roof, you may want to consider getting shingles that have been treated to be moss resistant.
  • You can install zinc or copper flashing on the ridge of your roof. When it rains, the water will carry the mineral salts or chemicals from the flashing down over your roof, which can not only inhibit future moss growth but can slowly kill existing moss.
  • Eco-FriendlyMossPrevention-MasterCraftRoofingThere are also chemicals you can purchase at your local hardware store that can be sprayed on your roof to remove and help prevent moss growth. If this is the treatment you choose, be sure to choose a product that is bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for your landscaping and the environment.

I read a comment from a home inspector who said “I’ve heard that moss is pretty much uncontrollable in Seattle”. Moss does love the Seattle area, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it and not try to prevent it from destroying our roofs…

There is no sure way to prevent moss from growing on your roof, but the above ideas are just a few that may help you inhibit its growth and prolong the life of your roof.

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