New Roof Failure

Is It Possible For Your New Roof to Fail?

FailingNewRoofHaving a new roof installed shouldn’t be a leap of faith!

  • You just put a new roof on your home.
  • It was a good, necessary, but large investment.
  • You expected it to last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the type of roofing you purchased.
  • You also expected that because you hired a professional to install your new roof, that the job would be done correctly.
  • You should be able to rest assured that all your expectations will be met, and with regular maintenance, your new roof would protect your home and family for the promised number of years.

Unfortunately, some roofs, even those considered “new”, fail prematurely. You wouldn’t think that such a thing could, or would, happen, but it does, and here are a few reasons why…

Your new roof is failing!

  1. Not all roofing contractors are created equal. You could have chosen the very finest and most expensive materials, but if your contractor doesn’t install them correctly, your roof will fail.
    1.  Your contractor could cut corners in workmanship by
      1. Taking shortcuts when installing the flashing
      2. RoofPerformance-MasterCraftRoofingNailing the shingles improperly
      3. Failing to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions
      4. Lack of understanding the importance of insulation and ventilation to your roof’s integrity and longevity
    2. What can you do? Make sure you hire a reputable roofing contractor, who has good references, warranties, and continues to receive training in order to give you the best installation.
  2. You may have chosen sub-standard materials. There’s no denying it, a new roof can be costly. So many people will get multiple bids for their new roof, then choose the cheapest bid to save money. If there is one way to almost guarantee problems in the near future and a higher cost in the long run, it’s by choosing cheap materials and a cheap installation.
  3. Believe it or not, proper ventilation is a key component to the healthy life of your new roof. Your roofing contractor should check your home for attic ventilation that is balanced, and advise you if it’s not.
    1. Icicles can cause ice dams and roof problemsThe goal is to keep your attic dry. It needs to allow fresh air in and let hot, moist air out. If this is not occurring as it should, moist air gets trapped inside, mold and mildew will begin to grow, ice dams will be allowed to form in cold weather, and these conditions will damage and destroy your roof decking.

Who can you trust?

Whether you’re getting ready for a new roof, or you suspect problems with your recently installed roof, start with a qualified roofing contractor who will guide you in the important decisions that need to be made.

MasterCraft Roofing

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During the Project: We employ OSHA standards for safety, we use the highest quality tools and materials because there is more to your roof than just shingles. Along with a quality roof, we intend to leave your property in better shape than when we found it. We police our nails and debris with military discipline.

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