Is Your Roof Annoying ?

What is an Annoying Roof?

Leaky RoofRoofing problems develop slowly and often aren’t seen until it’s too late.

That’s why it is important to know the little tell tales before your living room or bedroom drips on your forehead at the worst possible time, in the middle of a storm when you are trying to sleep.

How do you prevent the worst from happening? Sometimes you can’t.

If you are even slightly worried about it, you should do the following few things and take heed. 

First, do some research:

Here is a picture that shows rotting wood under composition shingles that were installed using improper ventilation and techniques.

When shingles were on this roof, it was impossible to see the damage. This is why it is important to have an expert come inspect the roof.

An inspection is usually free, and this is often a trap because inspectors often get commissions from referring jobs to contractors.

The only way to know for sure you are dealing with a reputable company is to get two or three inspectors to come and see if they tell you the same things.

Second step:

Chimney on roofAny time there is a seam or hole in your roof, like a chimney, antenna, bird feeder or even a weather vane, there is a huge potential for nails and screws to be put through the roof then caulked with a material that is designed to last only a few years. These are  warning signs.

Since one can not restore wood to it’s original condition without replacing it, any damage caused by these kinds of leaks will be severe, localized, and cause rot. The rot grows, and your problems grow, along with the price tag to repair.

Gutters cause serious problems when installed by amateurs.

Gutters have a distinct purpose but usually the installation does more to ruin your woodwork and underlayment than anything.

Most residential roofs are designed to use gravity to wick water down and off the roof. When gutters get clogged, water pools and comes backs up under the edges of the roof.

Water can actually move upwards, called ‘wicking’, causing rot and problems down the road. Get out there and clean those gutters, or better yet, install gutters guaranteed to not cause these problems.

The simplest step:

Moss on RoofLook up when you’re outside. What do you see on the roof?

  • Broken, shiny, or smooth, shingles must be replaced.
  • Warping, a sign of a underlying problem, needs to be repaired asap.
  • Trees or other plant life lying on the roof must be removed immediately.
  • Moss? Do not let this stuff even get started, spray your roof regularly.

We all know it is difficult to get fired up about saving your roof on a sunny day. But because your roof protects you and your home, you need to protect it.

A little preventive work can save you big down the line.

If you have any questions or problems, give us a call, we’ll be glad to help!

**originally published 10/27/10

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