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Does your house need a new roof

New Roof

If you are preparing your home to put on the market for sale, one of the major items that you need to address is: Does it need a new roof? With the housing market having such a high amount of competition, people are resorting to many things to make their house look more attractive to […]

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Home Remodeling Tool

Home Exteriors

Are you tired of the way your home’s exterior looks, is it outdated and needs a makeover or maybe it’s a bit in disrepair. Because of the down economy, many homeowners today are upgrading and remodeling their homes rather moving.

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Ice dams can damage your roof

Ice Dams

As winter is fast approaching, and the potential of icicles from your roof is also coming, now would be a good time to examine your attic. Why examine your attic? Because, believe it or not, that is where ice dams get their start.

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