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Ice dams can damage your roof

Ice Dams

As winter is fast approaching, and the potential of icicles from your roof is also coming, now would be a good time to examine your attic. Why examine your attic? Because, believe it or not, that is where ice dams get their start.

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Are Termites Enjoying Your Roof? Termite is a term that makes every homeowner shudder. Images of little bugs eating and destroying the wood in your home are conjured up, chills run up and down your spine and fear and dread surface. The idea of termites attacking your home is frightening. Their prime targets are the […]

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Rain Gutter Design

Can Your Rain Gutters Damage Your Roof? The answer to that question is yes! Damage can occur when the gutter openings release water from higher roof areas directly on lower roof surfaces. What Kind of Damage Can Result? Erosion of the mineral granules…on the shingles directly below the gutter opening can occur. This will gradually […]

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