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Roof Damage

Are Trees Threatening Your Roof? In the great Pacific NW, specifically the Seattle area, hearing about trees falling onto roofs is a common occurrence. There is never a windstorm that you don’t hear about at least 2-3 homeowners who have had their homes damaged or destroyed by falling trees. Not only your homes, but your […]

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Leaky Roof

Why is My Roof Leaking? Your roof is designed to keep the weather and the elements outside where they belong. But oftentimes age or neglect will cause your roof to leak. If you have a leaky roof, you need to make sure that it’s taken care of immediately. A leaking roof can be disastrous if […]

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How Important is a Good Roofing Subcontractor? If you’re a general contractor, building someone’s home, you realize the importance of hiring a good roofing subcontractor. Both you and the homeowner depend on the roof to keep the outside, outside where it belongs.  As it keeps the elements out, it  not only protects the house’s structure, […]

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