Add Value to Your Home

How to Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home - MasterCraft RoofingWhether you want to sell your home, or make improvements for function and your own enjoyment, it only makes sense that your home improvements make “cents”. In other words, the work you put into your home should add value to it.

Although you may not be planning to sell your home right now, the day may come when selling is necessary, so it would be wise to know which improvements will not detract when that time comes.

So how do you know what improvements are basically superficial, and will actually add value?

Devaluing Improvements

  • Avoid making changes to your home that are too taste specific
    • Think about someone who might want to buy your house, are they going to think…”I would need to change that before I could ever move in”.
  • Don’t go all out on landscaping thinking that it will add great value. Not everyone wants the upkeep of a water feature, a swimming pool or a high maintenance garden.
  • Make sure any improvements are properly completed, poorly executed work decreases the value.
  • Changing a garage into a space used for something else can be a bad idea, garages add value to your home.

Improvements that Improve the Value of Your House

  • Upgrade the kitchen, but don’t over upgrade it. Good investments are:
    • New energy efficient appliances
    • Upgraded or renewed cabinets and countertops
    • Add new hardware to the cabinet doors and drawers
    • Replace the floor if necessary
  • Upgrade the bathroom or when necessary create a new bathroom space.
    • As with the kitchen, upgrade or renew cabinets and countertops and add new hardware to the doors and drawers
    • Add a new sink, tub and or shower
    • Add new light fixtures
  • Replacing old in-efficient windows will not only help lower your energy usage and add a fresh new look to your home, but will keep the value up on your house.
  • A New Roof Adds Value - MasterCraft RoofingReplacing an old roof is always a good investment in your home. Although a new roof doesn’t necessarily increase the value of your home, an old, stained and poorly maintained roof will take value away.

If you need a new roof, a home improvement that just make sense …

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